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Egg Breezing

Egg Freezing

Freeze your Eggs & Preserve your Fertility

Do your health conditions make you worry about your reproductive health? Don’t let it bother you; achieve parenthood on your own schedule. Preserve your eggs for later fertilization. We can help you to undergo a safe process and determine the suitable options according to your goals and lifestyle.

What is Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing is storing your eggs safe until you decide you are ready to carry them or in simple terms putting your reproductive abilities on pause. It is an option for a woman to take control of her fertility and conceive when it is the right time for her.

Why Freeze Your Eggs?

Egg freezing buys time by allowing a woman to delay their pregnancy. Nowadays, many women are interested in preventing pregnancy until their late thirties. The reasons may be due to career priorities and advancing age.

Advancing age: The eggs in the female body age over time. Egg freezing at a younger age reduces the chances of miscarriage and birth defects associated with “egg age”.

Cancer Treatments: Radiation therapy, chemo, and surgery can cause infertility and damage the quality and quantity of eggs. Egg freezing is an option for a woman to preserve her eggs before she undergoes therapy.

The Right Age to Freeze

A woman is more fertile till 30 years. Her fertility rate decreases as she advances in age, that’s why conceiving at advanced ages can be a real challenge for many women. Generally, the younger you are, the better the outcomes of egg freezing. Younger women possess a higher number of better quality eggs that have a better chance of healthy conception.

Trust EVA IVF Specialists

EVA IVF has aided many women by freezing their eggs to provide them with the flexibility they need with their long-term fertility options. Connect with us to learn more about egg freezing procedures and our storage capabilities.

How we approach egg freezing



Together we’ll discuss any questions, review your medical history, and run a few simple tests (a blood test and a pelvic ultrasound),to count your antral follicles. These “resting follicles” each contain an immature egg that has the potential to mature and ovulate in the future. From there, we’ll be able to predict how many mature eggs you might get at your egg retrieval.


Based on your initial consult, we’ll choose the protocols that’s best for you. Our goal is to help all your follicles grow together, so we can retrieve the most high quality eggs possible. For most patients, stimulating follicle growth requires 2-3 daily harmon injections. We’ll monitor progress through blood tests and ultrasounds. The final step is a special “trigger” shot that prompts your eggs to reach final maturation before retrieval.


36 hours later, we retrieve your eggs. It’s a under general anesthesia, followed by an hour of recovery. Most patients take the rest of the day off to rest, and are back to their normal routine the next day. Meanwhile, your eggs will be safely stored with us until you’re ready to use them.

Fertility over time

With age, women have fewer eggs and a higher ratio of abnormal to normal eggs.


20% chance of getting pregnant each month



xx % chance of getting pregnant each month


xx % chance of getting pregnant each month

AGE 45

5% of getting pregnant each month

How risk increases


What are my chances?